MERS, Fear, and Selfish Faith

Twenty-One. One Hundred Sixty-Two. Six Thousand Five Hundred Eight. Numbers and more numbers. It's been around a month since the discovery of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) virus in Korea and the numbers keep climbing. The numbers keep coming. The numbers keep our fears in their place. This concerning situation with the spread of... Continue Reading →


The Wisdom of Walking

It's been conservatively calculated that at the end of an 80-year lifetime, a person would have walked 220,000,000 steps (7500/day). That is a lot of steps. A college student by the name of Andrew Forsthoefel, after being fired from his job three months after graduation, decided to take a lot of steps, 4000 miles of... Continue Reading →

It’s Finals Period… Want some salt?

I've been coming across various simple yet unique ways that the world may be helped to become "better." The other day I was listening to NPR and a healthcare expert was explaining how the implementation of a certain systematic hand washing procedure would decrease the likelihood of infections by a dramatic percentage. The the worst... Continue Reading →

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