Obama, Yogurt, and Journalism

25 04 2012

I have, for a long time, had a secret desire to be a journalist. Travel the world, get paid for writing (short pieces of writing), meeting influential people, but with all the imagined glamour of that career, journalism too has a daily grind involved that I am not so keen on. So I continue vicariously feeding my secret desires by reading and watching the morning news, and today, I sat in front of the tube watching yogurt be split on President Obama’s leg.

My immediate reaction was, “Why the heck are they reporting on this? Don’t they have anything better to talk about?” But then I immediately caught myself, “what’s so wrong with news such as this?” Isn’t a world where we only have to report such incidents the world for which we are striving? reporting? I always remember the line in Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine documentary where they compared the docile Canadian news to the violence-filled American counterpart. The line exclaimed by the newscaster still is fresh in my mind, “New speedbumps!”

So I hope that our news is filled more with such reporting, not as a guise to the events that need attention out there, but in hopes that it will be reflective of the realities of the world. It is probably a vain hope, but I think it is better to hope than not. Or better yet, we can combine important news with some levity, which is brilliantly accomplished, impromtu, by another president of these United States.




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