The Sad Side of Sports

6 02 2012

While the fans of the NY Giants live on cloud nine for the next week or so (or maybe longer), I am reminded that even good, fun things like sports and the Superbowl can be tainted by the stupidity and evil of mankind. Last week there was a riot during an Egyptian club game between al-Ahly and al-Masry (Here some pictures). NY Times report that there were at least 70 killed in the senseless riot that has now become politicized.

Even the great American athletic holiday, the Superbowl, is not immune to the evil of man. Justin Holcomb writes a post titled, “Sex-Trafficking at the Superbowl“, and he begins with an astounding statistic:

The Super Bowl is the most-watched program on TV every year. But many people don’t know about its dark underside: the Super Bowl, like other large sporting events, is a magnet for sex trafficking and child prostitution. It is possibly the largest sex trafficking event in the US.




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