A Church Model from the Devil??

29 09 2011

So the phrase “It is of the devil!” has almost a similar effect as someone crying out “Injustice!” during an logical argument. It places the opposing side at an unfair disadvantage as these phrases start to attack the arguer and not the argument. So to cry “injustice” or “of the devil” usually means you really don’t have anything better to say. But here’s an exception. Thabiti Anyabwile writes a post titled, “Multi-Site Churches Are from the Devil” and actually explains with nuance his sentiments behind the shock-triggering title. For anyone going to a multi-site church or have gone, especially with one pastor running around all the sites (I don’t think this applies so much to churches with different site pastors), this is a worthy read. Of course, Anyabwile is not the final authority on the issue of church model, but it does not take a genius to see that a pastor who cannot let go of multiple sites is grasping in his hands, not their trust in God but their pride and ego. So although, I still shy away from calling it “of the devil”, I believe we should all do what Anyabwile suggests at the end of his post, that is, “to slow down and think about it”. It may not help us see the ultimate result of such a model, but it may shed light on the next few steps that we take and aid us toward the right direction.




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