In the Midst of a Broken World…

25 09 2011

I often wonder whether North Korea will open up in my lifetime. Then, at the thought of such hopes being possibly actualized, my mind races through the tasks that lies ahead, the possible deluge of people to the south, the economic burden of an already unstable economy, and even political unrest to a country where political corruption and bribery is a prevalent crime. But my mind always ends up in the same place, on one question: Is the Church ready? Watching this short talk by Diane Langberg on her experience with 9/11 (found through Phil Monroe’s recent blog post) was encouraging in reminding me, us, the church, what we are “to look like in this broken suffering world.” She reminds us that the Church is to offer the Eucharist and ‘foot care’. But again, my mind’s wandering ends and I find the question again: Is the Church ready? If North Korea does become accessible, will the Church make itself accessible?  I have my doubts, I have seen affluent churches filled with people whose sense of suffering never crosses their own line of comfort. I have my suspicions, I have seen Christians who love to be loved and love the saving grace of Jesus, yet close their ears when that same Lord commands them to bear one another’s burdens saying, “Follow Me.” I have my doubts, I have my suspicions, not just because I have seen such churches but mainly because I am very much a part of that church. Busy, is my mind, asking, “Is the Church ready?” as it refuses to take the rightful next mental step to ask the question that it should have ended on, “Am I ready?” I have my doubts, I have my suspicions, but I hope I am wrong.




4 responses

25 09 2011

Nice Blog 🙂


27 09 2011
Paul Park

Thank you!

25 09 2011
SeanJohn Yohan Ahn

I have been asking this question for past year… Are we ready?

27 09 2011
Paul Park

Mmmm, we must keep asking… and seek for answers.

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