A Funny Cancer Researcher….

31 08 2011

I love stand up comedy. There’s something about the use of words with the right timing and the right context that makes the audience roar with laughter. I’ve already announced my two favorite comics in the post: Life is Short… Laugh a Little… Or a Lot. But here’s another guy, though not my favorite, is quite respectable. Joe Wong: cancer researcher by day and standup comedian by night. Casey McDonald writes an article titled, “Joe Wong, Man of Comedy and Science” which tells me that not all scientists and members of the intelligentsia are boring, some can be quite funny. Not only that, but it is challenging to see how much he has accomplished with his work ethic. Some may think it luck, and maybe there is some element of that, but for the large part, I am just envious of the work ethic that some immigrants display.

Below is his network television debut on Late Show with David Letterman. I’m not sure, in the beginning, if the crowd is laughing at him or laughing at his jokes, but eventually, he gets quite hilarious. The manner in which he holds his new born child (choke hold) is especially humorous. Enjoy.




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