Photography for the Unskilled…

29 07 2011

I have always loved photography, though not particularly in the taking of pictures, but enjoyment as an observer of the art. This may be because of my defeatist attitude when it comes to learning music and art while turning the blame to my lack of genes in aesthetic activity. But even though I struggle to master the guitar or harmonica, learn how to paint, or even learn the in’s and out’s of fashion, detecting and discerning beauty and aesthetics, I believe, is not mutually dependent on the ability to to create and discern, or else the logical and rigid would never be able to enjoy art. One of the main obstacles in becoming an expert at taking photos is probably learning how to capture the picture with the right focus (and I’m sure there are a lot of other aspects to the art that I do not know), but here is a technology to help the underskilled in this department. Lytro produces an interactive picture that can be focused on any part of the picture after the picture is taken. Thanks to technology, I can be one step closer to moving from an observer to creator… through the road left is still very long.




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