Life is Short… Laugh a Little… Or a Lot.

1 04 2011

Today is All Fools Day. April 1st. April Fool’s. Every year, this day, I am reminded of my old high school soccer manager, who’s birthday is today. The initial thought of how to turn the wishing of a birthday into a joke always crosses my mind. Then I am reminded of the memories of times with my teammates. Quite appropriate, as they were fond memories.

I always found it difficult to create good pranks, let alone pulling it off on someone. But regardless of being the trickster or the tricked, it is true what they say: Laughter is medicine. This may be a false observation, but it has been my experience that Christians are not very well versed in levity. Possibly, this may be the result of their wariness of sin, which decreases the scope of humor they can affirm. Adam Goodheart, in his NY Times opinion article titled, “Fools of a Long-Ago April“, explores the possible origins of All Fools Day and while all other explanations stem from festivals and the like, the Christian explanation is the dreary one, as they attribute the origin to the mockery of Christ. Of course, no denying that there is a place for seriousness and gravity, but my question is: Is anything holy always serious? Can laughter and holiness never coexist?

I hope the answer is a ‘No.’ Many reasons abound. Ability to laugh at oneself evidences security. But more than that, laughter yearns for a better world. It slaps the face of imperfection and hopes that one day everything will be alright, and in that hope, there is security to laugh, a lot. But this post on laughter, already, is getting too serious. So in the spirit of April Fool’s, as I ponder my next prank and my next victim, here is a tribute to my two favorite comedians. Cheers!

The brilliance of Seinfeld!

Cultural/Racial jokes are great~




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31 08 2011
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[…] the audience roar with laughter. I’ve already announced my two favorite comics in the post: Life is Short… Laugh a Little… Or a Lot. But here’s another guy, though not my favorite, is quite respectable. Joe Wong: cancer […]

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