Forever a non-Fan of Fake Football…

18 02 2011

Every February (or January?), ever since I have come over the great Pacific to a country that still misuses the term ‘foot’ in their athletic nomenclature, I ask myself a question that most Americans have probably never really asked themselves: “Is it worth watching the Superbowl?” Of course, when I ask the question, I am neither considering the potentially awesome gameplay, any sense of fanship, the ridiculously expensive and often disappointing commercials, nor the outcome. The only factor that is weighed in my mind is the value of the social interactions at the ‘Superbowl party’ versus the possible boredom of watching the indigenous American activity. To be honest and somewhat shameful to say, American football is growing on me, or maybe its the growing interest in the local team of the Eagles. It is hard not to when most of your pastime companions do not know the most recent or two winner of the recent World Cup (Spain 2010, Italy 2006), or they name the greatest athlete in history as MJ instead of the correct answer, Edison Arantes do Nascimento. But posts like the following reorient my loyalty to the beautiful game. Trueman comments on the ridiculousness of America’s favorite pastime (or was that baseball??) in “Questions about the Superbowl“:

And, in my opinion, nobody over 200 pounds should even be allowed in a spandex shop, let alone be encouraged to wear the merchandise. Simple aesthetic common sense one would have thought. Surely it is time the government stepped in to stop the madness?!?

….Watching overpaid spandex-clad blimps playing catch, then running for, oh my, at least 5 seconds and six yards before taking a five minute breather…

These comments bring me joy, in a very ‘smirk’ kind of way. Because deep down inside, I know there will always only be one Football. The one they actually use feet to play.




One response

19 02 2011
Charlie Fritsch

The sport definitely is a misnomer. But still a great representation of America. It’s basically about risking your neck every time you step on the field. Isn’t that what America is? People coming from all over the world and trying things here that they never would have at home? People risking everything for the hope of a better life?

Soccer isn’t like that. Many soccer matches are basically agreed upon draws. That’s cool, and that’s part of the format, but it ain’t America. Both sports represent different cultures and sets of values. And to the comment about Pele. Pele was nasty, but Pele was not near the athlete Jordan was. Jordan was hitting at a major league clip towards the end of his time in AAA baseball. Imagine the kind of striker or goal keeper he could have been! Dude was an absolute freak. Pele was a freak too, but definitely not as versatile an athlete as MJ.

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