The Power of the Press…

10 02 2011

… is now online.

Here’s an interesting article by Anne Alexander titled, “Internet role in Egypt’s protests.” A thought occurred while reading the article, concerning the difficulty of regulating political activism online. The quality of North Korean regulation upon online activism must, unfortunately, be quite impressive, having had and continuing to maintain a certain level of seclusion in this 21st century of cyber-technology. Of course, their system is not impeccable, as seen in the event of the twitter hack on the heir apparent Kim Jong-Eun’s birthday (found via:

Alexander ends her article by reminding us that the media is only a medium in the Egyptian protests, and that hope is the true drive behind all activism. I am moved to agree with Alexander’s idealism, but in the case for North Korea, I would like to put my hope in the internet, that maybe its power can drive history to make the nickname of ‘Hermit Kingdom’ obsolete.




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31 03 2011
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