Guns through the Mind of Kristof…

14 01 2011

Here’s an interesting article by Kristof titled, “Why Not Regulate Guns as Seriously as Toys?” I know that reduction of guns will not reduce violence. An incident in West Philly today seems to support this. But the Republican argument to be against gun regulation because it is an infraction of their liberty is, to mildly put it, quite thoughtless and strongly put, heartless. (This is probably why, whether true or not, caricatures of heartless yet prudish elephants and humanitarian yet naked donkeys exist.) The arms issue is a bigger issue to rectify in practice than in theory for sure, but shouldn’t we should at least step in the right direction? Here are a few thought provoking quotes by Kristof:

Just since the killings in Tucson, another 320 or so Americans have been killed by guns — anonymously, with barely a whisker of attention. By tomorrow it’ll be 400 deaths. Every day, about 80 people die from guns, and several times as many are injured.

The chances that a gun will be used to deter a home invasion are unbelievably remote, and dialing 911 is more effective in reducing injury than brandishing a weapon, the journal article says. But it adds that American children are 11 times more likely to die in a gun accident than in other developed countries, because of the prevalence of guns.

Kristof also mentions the Monday after the Tucson Shootings, Arizona handgun sales increased 60 percent, probably either out of fear or to stock up before any increase in gun regulations. Guns are powerful and dangerous, and they remind me of that ancient quote popularized by Ben Parker, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Well, the originator of the quote forgot one thing. Humans are quite irresponsible beings.




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14 01 2011

only u are irresponsible. haha jk. ru back? me jetlagging like crazy.

15 01 2011
Paul Park

I’m still jetlagged too…

15 01 2011

it seems to me that gun control will not end violence, but it will curb violence to a degree. for instance, if those kids had guns, there may be more than 6 injured

15 01 2011
Paul Park


30 01 2011
Charlie Fritsch

Owning a gun should be viewed as a basic human freedom. You’d rather have some arbitrary third-party who supposedly has your best interests in mind to wield the guns over you? Not I, good sir, not I.

1 02 2011
Paul Park

The best scenario would be to uninvent gunpowder, but since that’s not going to happen, we have to work with the situation we are in. But aside from the object of regulation under discussion, the view of freedom must be clear. Most Americans have an individualistic view of freedom which doesn’t cover the full meaning of the word. Restrictions are not contradictory to a philosophical view of freedom. Let’s put it this way, can you be free enough in your will to say that you don’t trust a third party OR yourself with a gun?

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