Bigger Muscles = Bigger Brains??

17 09 2010

I’ve commented on the current state of education in previous posts, one on structured recess (A Donkey of a Recess…) and the most recent on the pressures of excelling as a youngster (Pressure’s On…). In a new angle, some studies have suggested that the most exercise a child gets, the bigger the relevant regions of the brain: the hippocampus and basal ganglia. Gretchen Reynolds reports in the article called, “Phys Ed: Can Exercise Make Kids Smarter?” in the health section of the NY Times of how exercise can be beneficial to the education of children. One more reason to get our kids to turn off the video games, TV, iphones, and have them flood the streets once again. I have mentioned before, but I miss the old days when you can hear the sound of children playing in the streets, using sticks and stones to create games, breaking windows and running away. Maybe technology advances too fast for us to wisely adapt, maybe we are too ‘germo-phobic’ to let our kids roll around in mud. I am not sure…. But I am sure of one thing, the old world with streets filled with running children was better. It smelled more of life…




One response

5 11 2010

My neighbor’s two young boys always wake me up on Saturday mornings,
yelling, shouting, kicking the balls, chasing after one another…
Yes, they belong to the “old world” and yes, they smell more of life!

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