The Good of Being “Chunky”

10 09 2010

No, I’m not talking about fat or gaining weight, but what the title IS descriptive of is the mental process called “chunking” described in Peter Orszag NY Times Column entry, “Sweating Your Way to Success“. Orszag agrees with the thesis of Matthew Syed’s book, Bounce, which states that success usually follows assiduousness, not genetic make up. He takes the example of chess where the chess masters and novices were no different in skill level when the initial chess piece start points were randomized. This also gives accedence to my heart since I truly believe in the superior intellect of my sisters relative to me, but in any given day of the week, I can annihilate their side of the board in this game of mini-kingdoms. Thus, this analysis of Syed leaves hope in the air for me to breath. Maybe not in the realm of soccer, since even “great effort” cannot conquer senescence, but in the other goals in life, it does give a motivational boost to seize the successes that lay in the future. But I must ask, before arriving at the end of that tunnel, how do I define success?




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