Studying How To Study…

7 09 2010

This is for all those still in school (High School, College, Grad School) struggling to figure out their own particular study habits. A friend of mine sent me this article, “Forget What You Know About Good Study Habits“, for my benefit and it seems to corroborate my tendency to rotate my cafe study locations. Three other things that it recommends is instead of rote memorization, to mixing the content of the study; instead of cramming, to space out study sessions; and to incorporate self-tests in the study process.

Benedict Carey may be correct in this article about study habits, but he’s missing something. Something that our generations often misses to put into calculation when making any sort of reform: ourselves. Not to deny any of the findings in the article, but whatever happened to discipline and will-power? There was a time when people did not have the luxury to change their circumstances and surroundings, in this case, when one studies, and they did fine. In fact, they did much better than us. At the risk of being too simplistic, one can ask the question: Do you ever see anyone nicknamed the “Renaissance Man” nowadays? I would say it would be wise for psychologists to look into the loss of discipline and will (determination) as a large factor in the deterioration of information retention, rather than accrediting 100% of the blame on the circumstance.




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