Something Smells Fishy….

27 08 2010

In light of evangelism to the country and its proximity to North Korea, this headline immediately drew my attention: “Christian faith plus Chinese productivity“. But when I finished the article, something felt skewed. I heard the apologetic (apologetic as in Christian apologetics, not apology as in “sorry”) alarms begin to ring in my head. Utilitarianism. Prosperity gospel. Progress.

Progress?? Yes, progress. Bob Goudzwaard, in Capitalism and Progress, raises an interesting and enlightening issue of how the western economic system has come to idolize the goal of progress. This seems to be what is happening in China according to the BCC article. It is a sneaky corporate form of idolatry that usually goes unnoticed. Will the Chinese Christians let it sneak into their rapidly growing and changing socio-economic structure? Will history repeat itself?




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