Still Conservative…

25 08 2010

The 39th president of the United States has visited the Hermit Kingdom to seek the freedom of the American captive, Aijalon Mahli Gomes. Weird thing is, when reading the piece “Carter Arrives in North Korea“, there is a sense of jealousy of his ability to just enter to North Korea. There is an envy of the power and influence Carter carries by virtue of his former office (and other accolades).

On another note it interests me to hear that Korea, or Seoul, is politically conservative, especially in light of the much liberalized (relatively speaking) pop culture of the nation.

“Carter is idealistic, not realistic when it comes to North Korea,” said Hong Kwan-hee, head of the Institute for Security Strategy in Seoul. “North Korea always has tried to use prominent Americans, preferably Democrats, as a medium to engage the United States and drive a wedge between Seoul and Washington.”

Possibly it is the liberal NY Times perspective in play. But whatever the reason, it seems there is not a 1:1 correspondence in the liberal-conservative spectrum between Korean politics and Korean popular culture…




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