What Ronaldo did to NK Footballers

30 07 2010

For those of you who were interested in the aftermath of the North Korean soccer players after the 2010 World Cup (especially after the 0-7 defeat against Christiano Ronaldo’s Portugal), here is an article that a friend shared, “North Korean Soccer Coach Is Now A Manual Laborer“. I can only imagine how much we underestimate the punishment of shame received by the athletes (for those of you who snickered at Jong Tae Se crying during the NK anthem, yeah, you don’t understand), and the fate of the coach… ‘unfortunate’ is a gross understatement.

Sometimes when I read about North Korea, I get the un-Christian wish that Kim Jong-Il would just collapse already. But a life is a life. The termination of one is not to be taken lightly. Bonhoeffer struggled before agreeing to participate in Hitler’s assassination, whether it was from fear of dying or fear of taking a life, struggle, he did. In hoping for justice, the realization grows that justice is hard. Especially, when you are not the ultimate judge.




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