Soccer, the Christian Sport?

23 06 2010

Charlie sent me this dialogue in the New York times between the Opinion columnists Gail Collins and David Brooks, titled “A World Cup Mentality“. My response: David Brooks is an idiot.

Soccer is not “a long series of frustrations leading up to certain heartbreak”, maybe the “neurotic creativity” analysis is better. But I would say soccer is about patience and art, and the all so non-American characteristic of delayed gratification. That is why the Americans do not like soccer, they need instance satisfaction, a shot made at every trip to the end of the court/field. Shall I be heretical and say, in that sense, maybe soccer is the most Christian of sports. Valuing artistic build-up, patience, perseverance, and delayed gratification.

David, your mentality is exactly why American soccer is so darn ugly.




One response

26 07 2010
Charlie Fritsch

Haha, you could be right about soccer being the most Christian of sports! Weird thing is, most soccer games are over in under two hours, so the fact that Americans are more interested in three hours of action packed games (basketball, football) tells you it’s about the stimulation of instant gratification and not time spent.

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