The Matter With Money…

24 03 2010

Michael Schuman writes “Why South Korea Matters” on, proposing that poor economies should mimic and be inspired by the economic success that the little land of the morning calm has achieved. His analysis seems, for the most part, correct, but only because it skims the surface. Schuman misses an important aspect of the South Korean economic phenomenon, or to give the benefit of doubt, maybe he chose to ignore such aspects intentionally. He overlooked the effect of the rapid economic development, and it usually illustrates itself in what I could call ‘moral cost’. The above and beyond excessive work hours of the average salary man that leads to tensions in the family. The rapid innovation of technology leaving a generation clueless as to the wisdom of its use and only mindful of profitability. Schuman believes that economic development is morally neutral, maybe so, but at the least, such development has the consequence of molding social structures to have affinity towards certain moral decisions (e.g. priority of family or work). Schuman praises my homeland, of which I want to be proud, but it has to be said that as Schuman states lesson one, “If Korea can do it, any country can”, maybe he should have asked, if not first, alongside it, “And if any country can, should it?”




4 responses

24 03 2010

the critic in me also can’t help but be bothered by the superior/imperialist tone he’s kinda taking on here…

25 03 2010
Paul Park

Yeah, I sensed it a bit, although, it is arguable that the tone just naturally comes from the higher economic status of America (since the article is comparing), which is undeniable.

25 03 2010

land of savagery

25 03 2010


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