Remembering Psalm 90:12

15 03 2010

After learning a bit about the cultural deficiencies of Korea in its economic, social, and entertainment arenas (not to just bash on Korea since every culture has some or many faults), I’ve thought a lot about the tyranny of the youth. Wondering whether the moral failures in the economic and finance sector was in part due to the low retirement age and the mean work force age being that of a yuppie’s. In short, wisdom is lacking because, well, age is lacking… It is a simplistic conclusion (and I’d hope to read and write more on it) but it seems to have some warrant to it. A part of this lack of wisdom, the tyranny that the youth bring with them sources from a lack of death experiences. This morning on NPR, a study was announced that those who’ve gone through grieving experiences (mostly of death) seem to show more maturity and poise in life, however they measured it (The Bible seems to speak similarly, read Donald Kim’s blog entry “Hurt Deeply to be Used?“). The young, hopefully I’m still included in that category, do not fear death, not because they have fought and come out victorious but because they have never entered into the Colosseum. In fact, they actually do fear death but guise it with denial and a false sense of invincibility. The youth are those who have never faced the final reality of life: death. In the NY Times Magazine, Daniela Lamas writes “Friend Request” that depicts a poignant account of herself as a medical intern experiencing a death of sorts, through which, the reader can see a pensiveness, a thoughtfulness developing and a shedding of folly.  Wisdom is hard to come by and oftentimes as youth, we don’t search for it or know where to look. Rather, we just go about life, thoughtless, tyrannically swinging our sticks and clubs of guised invincibility, forming our culture and society without vision, without direction.



One response

16 03 2010

Nicely worded. You’re becoming quite a writer, brother. I’ve seen several deaths. Does that make me wise? kkk

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