My Water…

10 11 2009

A mini-battle. A continuation of the one war that never ended. One more to the list of altercation years: ’96, ’98, ’99, ’02. It’s not even a fist fight compared to the 3-year brawl of 1950, but every time something like this happens, reading the news reports (BBC and NY Times), I get nervous. A bunch of ‘what if’s’ pop into my head. The unpredictable, erratic nature of the North Korean government, their capacity for nuclear arms, and the fact that there was never a peace treaty signed in 1953, all make me nervous. Plus, family and friends are in Korea. And in many ways, it’s still my home.Β  Not long ago we celebrated the falling of the Berlin Wall, one of the most unexpected, surprising events in modern history. I wonder how the last divided country will reconcile, or will it ever?




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