10 09 2009

I was thinking about people who are against “the man”.Β  They come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. I had a high school friend who was a self-proclaimed anarchist. Just today in an episode of ‘Bones’ (yes, I watch that show) they depicted a music subculture of black metal artist who are advocates of violence and ‘music from hell’. There are those adolescents who become defiant of authority because they realize that autonomy is a possibility. There are artists and musicians who don’t want to go main stream because that would be selling out and against that for which their art represents. But my question is this: What are you really for?

Is it really that you are against all organization, conformity, and authority? Are these things really all out bad? The ‘Bones’ episode was enlightening that though these black metal band groups’ message is that of nihilism they are not truly nihilistic because they still in their music create something. Same goes for artists who want to be individual or not involved in music organization, when did conformity (the good kind) lose its place in creativity or even beauty?

It seems to me these anti-‘the man’ sentiments and views are manifestations of our overly individualistic culture which subconsciously is just pro-‘myself’.




2 responses

27 10 2009

pro-self, haha.. good point.

29 10 2009

I didn’t know you watched bones. i do too.

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