What is a friend? What is family? What does it mean to have a meaningful relationship?

30 04 2009

These questions (in the title), I believe, are ones to which most of us do not know the answer. Maybe if you do not participate in the world of facebook, myspace, twitter, or whichever cyber-society that exists out there, then maybe, you still know how to answer the above questions. But for most of us, we take part in an online world where we deceive ourselves that our lives our better having more facebook friends than just a few deep friendships. It goes hand-in-hand with the American Capitalistic spirit of ‘more is better’. We’ve in essence super-sized our friendship quantity at great expense of quality. Carl Trueman better analyzes this weird culture of,Β  as he calls, exhibitionist. In his online article, “Making Exhibitions of Ourselves“, he explores and compares the phenomenon of Jade Goody and Princess Diana and makes us rethink our use of online social clubs and maybe even crave true meaningful relationships. I think part of this empty craving is exacerbated from our culture of exhibitionism. Exhibitionism usually works one way: me to you. And when we are only practiced in showing ourselves (of course, superficially online), we forget the art of listening. And when we forget such an art, we are incapable of knowing anyone to any significant depth and quality.




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