A man who knew glory without wanting it…

16 01 2009

There are many dead guys that I would have liked to meet, but among this long list of mine, this guy ranks near the top: Saint Francis of Assisi. There are people who you want to meet to pick there brain, learn from what they know, but there are others who you just want to be around. You just simply want to learn from their being, their character. Not only do I love the famous prayer of his but here’s another excerpt taken from J Oswald Sanders’ book:

“Once Saint Francis of Assisi was confronted by a brother who asked him repeatedly, ‘Why you? Why you?’

Francis responded, in today’s term, ‘Why me what?’

‘Why does everyone want to see you? Hear you? Obey you? You are not all so handsome, nor learned, nor from a noble family. Yet the world seems to want to follow you,’ the brother said.

Then Francis raised his eyes to heaven, knelt in praise to God, and turned to his interrogator:

‘You want to know? It is because the eyes of the Most High have willed it so. He continually watches the good and the wicked, and as His most holy eyes have not found among sinners any smaller man, nor any more insufficient and sinful, therefore He has chosen me to accomplish the marvelous work which God hath undertaken; He chose me because He could find none more worthless, and He wished to confound the nobility and grandeur, the strength, the beauty and the learning of this world.’

Yeah, I would have loved to just spend a couple of hours just talking to this man…




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