Upon Death of a Loved One

4 09 2008

I love the expressiveness of St. Augustine. I think his words move even the mostย monotonous and stoic of persons (me including). An excerpt from his Confessions, where he mourns over his mother’s death:

“I closed her eyes and an overwhelming grief welled into my heart and was about to flow forth in floods of tears. But at the same time under a powerful act of mental control my eyes held back the flood and dried it up. The inward struggle put me into great agony. Then when she breathed her last, the boy Adeodatus cried out in sorrow and was pressed by all of us to be silent. In this way too something of the child in me, which had slipped towards weeping, was checked and silenced by the youthful voice, the voice of my heart.”

Even in the midst of struggling to hide his immense grief, Augustine let’s us know with clarity the emotional turmoil and force welling up inside of him….




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