Two cents from Ulrich Zwingli

3 09 2008

From Of Education of Youth:

“From early boyhood the young man ought to exercise himself only in righteousness, fidelity and constancy: for with virtues such as these he may serve the Christian community, the common good, the state and individuals. Only the weak are concerned to find a quiet life: the most like to God are those who study to be of profit to all even to their own hurt.”

I don’t want to go into it too extensively, but that last phrase. I think that is what is primally lacking in the American church. Our lack of multiculturalism, inefficiency, and any other fault we can put our finger on is only secondary to this. Are we really studying to benefit others even at our expense?




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3 09 2008

I so agree. Spiritual poverty is of utmost importance, and yet, still easily neglected. Thanks for the timely reminder.

5 09 2008
joe kim

i think, when it comes to identifying the problem with “Xtn” education (ie the role of education in a Xtn’s life), you nail it on the head. too often the role of education is to advance oneself socially or economically. or in the case of Xtn education (ie seminary, or bible college), the main (and often sole) gist is to simply maintain the faith and alleviate fears that Xtnity might not be true…from an intellectual standpoint.
somehow, the idea of gaining an education to benefit others is demoted to 3rd, 4th or even 12th on the priority list.

maybe you should start a discussion about getting an education for the glory of God.

good post.

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